After care

When you leave our studio, taking care of your tattoo is your Responsibility!!!

You must pay very special attention to looking after it property.
Please ask us for advice and not your friend, after all we’re your tattooists!!!

Tattoo aftercare is not an exact science, and any skin want different attention. The main priority is to minimize scab formation, a scab will almost definitely form, and this is normal.

How to care for your new tattoo?

    • When your tattoo is complete, the tattoo artist will wrap the tattooed area in cling film. Remove the cling film after 2-3 hours.
    • Wash it down with warm water and antibacterial soap.
    • Dry tattoo with clean and soft towel, taking care to pat area dry.
    • Apply a small 'pea' sized amount cream to your tattoo. Make sure not to apply to much. Any excess cream should be gently removed. Do not rub it.
    • Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times a day (perhaps more, depending on place and skin).
    • Most tattoos will heal within 2-3 weeks, and should be completely healed within a month.
    • The exceptions are tattoos on moving parts on the body such as ankles, elbows, elbow creases and neck.
    • We recommended Bepanthen cream, plain E45, and any tattoo cream.
      Don't use any other cream.
    • Don't pick the scab on your tattoo, or interfere with it in anyway. If you have any problem, please return to the studio.
    • If you have not taken care of your tattoo properly we will charge you for any retouch.
    • Do gently pat your tattoo (with clean Hands) if it itches.
    • Don 4 immerses or soaks in water for long periods (shower instead of bathing).
    • Don't swim.
    • Don't bathe children or animals or do washing up etc if there is any risk of your tattoo being immersed in water.
    • Don't expose your tattoo in direct sunlight.
    • Don't apply fake tan or any other chemical to the area.